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Now Offering Albums Custom Designed High-Quality Albums


Up until now, I’ve only offered digital images with my wedding and portrait photography. Part of the reason for that was that there are so many options for people to make their own albums. There are a ton of large-volume discount places to print from, and as someone who loves to design things I always thought that was great for my customers: they would have the time of their lives designing their wedding album, right? Even though it took me almost a year to do my own wedding album, I figured that was because I was picky. I’ve now learned that that’s pretty much the norm (or even better than most). Designing an album can be daunting, and it’s definitely time consuming.

Product Review | Picaboo

I’ve never done a product review before, but I’ve now ordered quite a few things from Picaboo. I get questions about where I got our canvas and album from, so I thought I’d pass along that information to all you fine folk who haven’t been in our house at some point in the last year. (You should come, by the way. We’d love to have you!) Let me preface this by saying I’m in no way affiliated with Picaboo, and they’re not giving me anything for reviewing their products… though wouldn’t that be nice?

Photoshop Retouching

What are your thoughts on digital retouching? Do you care one way or the other? Now, imagine you have a portrait session coming up tomorrow that you’ve waited months for and yesterday you developed large pimple on your chin. Does your opinion change at all? Photoshop can be a dirty word or your best friend, especially when it comes to portraits. We’ve all seen examples of complete Photoshop failures where an arm is completely taken out or a leg is on the wrong side of the body. Obviously, someone was working too fast for a deadline. Then there are the examples of magazines that have “gone too far” when touching up a celebrity for their cover. “Touching up” in those instances is a bit of a stretch – it’s closer to altering or restructuring, and most people feel like it crosses the line into dishonestly. The sad part is that we often don’t notice unless we see a before/after picture, and unless someone points it out to us in an enraged rant.

Islander Special

Rob and I are coming to PEI! While we’re finally back on the Island for vacation, I wanted to open up my photography services to the area. Spots will be filled on a first-booked, first-served basis. We will for sure be on the Island the weekend of August 23-24, but our plan is to be there about a week, so if that weekend doesn’t work for you, feel free to ask about shoulder dates. All portraits sessions need to be scheduled by August 16th, since after that point we are officially on the road. So excited!!!

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