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Travel Tuesdays | Boracay, Philippines

Boracay_Philippines_0009It’s cold pretty well straight across the country. For all those people departing on a beach vacation soon: I’m jealous. There was a time when Rob and I spent the good part of one winter on a beach. In 2010 we had three whole weeks in the Philippines, and two weeks in Cambodia and Vietnam. I had the best tan of my life by March!

Our first two and a half weeks in the Philippines were spent in several different places as we dove our way around warm waters and ship wrecks. We finished off our stay in Boracay, where we met up with two Canadian friends who were also living in Korea. It was a happy accident we met in the first place — they had the contract after us in our first town, and Rob was still signed into Facebook at the local school so we got to talking — but we planned our four-day stay in Boracay together for some good old-fashioned relaxing to cap off the trip.

Our cabana, complete with hammock: Canadian buddies Denise and Bryan!Swing up bar.This is Boracay Beach: turquoise water on one side, sandy pedestrian path along it, tons of shops, bars, and fresh smoothy vendors on the other side!It’s a little ridiculous how gorgeous it is. Every night was an amazing sunset. In the morning, men start building elaborate sand art, and when they’re completed in the evenings they light them and leave a tip jar. It’s a diving day! The diving wasn’t that great, but it was fun to get out again, and Bryan joined us!Boracay_Philippines_0004Nemo!Boracay_Philippines_0009In the evenings, the beach transforms into one long strip of outdoor restaurants, offering plated dinners and buffets (specializing in seafood, of course).Ottawa residents spent yesterday evening and night being startled by ice quakes because it’s so cold, and we’re no where near where the Prairies are at right now. I hope these pictures warmed up you!

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