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My passion is telling family stories, starting with weddings. I'm a photographer based in Ottawa, Ontario, but I love to travel – especially if it means photographing rustic outdoor barn weddings! Or the mountains. Send me to the mountains any day!


When I’m not taking photos or playing amateur web guru I’m most likely outside! The forest is my happy place, though cycling is a really close second. I would go barefoot all year if possible, I like reading novels in one sitting, and there is not enough chocolate in the world for my sweet tooth. I’m so lucky to have an amazing husband cheering on my dreams and a fur-baby to keep me on my toes.

Our Story

Three provinces. Over 40 countries. Three degrees. Four rental apartments. One house. And a lot of pizza in between!

Rob and I met in university and have stuck together ever since. When we graduated and the great unknown of “the future” was before us, there was never any hesitation: we were headed to those adventures together!


Our first official home together was in South Korea, where we taught English for a few years. If you’re looking to find out in a hurry if you’re compatible, I recommend moving to a small town where no one else speaks your language and the time zone makes it nearly impossible to talk to family or friends back home. Like most couples, Rob and I occasionally get under each other’s skin, but for the most part it’s pretty smooth sailing!

We moved back to Ottawa five years ago and bought our fixer-upper house. Rob’s gotten fairly handy; now I dream up renovations and he makes them happen! We still travel occasionally, but with the addition for our four-legged family member it’s a little more challenging to get away.


Meadow is a blond lab and the most entertaining part of our days. She loves butt scratches, swimming, eating anything she’s allowed to, and carrying our shoes all over the house. Before she came to live with us I wasn’t a dog person, but now I can’t walk past a puppy without turning into a cooing embarrassment.


I hope you’ve got some time to explore the site and see some of my recent work. Our travels and adventures in home renovation are in the Personal archives on the blog, and you can find me on Instagram!

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