I love to document all the big moments, and it's tough watching couples try to decide while parts of the day mean the most to them! That's why all wedding collections include eight hours of coverage, so that the highlights of your day — from the final touches on your hair to his grin on the dance floor — are documented for you to enjoy for years to come.

Eight hours $3200
Please contact for smaller weddings and additional coverage options.


This is your warm up to wedding day portraits. Customized and fun, engagement sessions are meant to let your personalities shine! The best part? When your wedding rolls around, getting in front of the camera will feel easy! Engagement sessions are complimentary with wedding day coverage – my gift to you!

Starting at $400


Life is busy and kids grow quickly. Before you know it, another anniversary rolls around. Whether you're newlyweds or a family of five, your story is happening now. We can find a field or bake cookies in your kitchen – what really matters is remembering the fierce hugs and silly expressions. Furry family member are always welcome, too!

Starting at $300


Having your picture taken shouldn't be stressful. Whether it's your wedding day or your family portraits, you should be able to enjoy the experience! Sure, there's a little bit of planning that goes into every portrait session. You'll want to be wearing something that makes you feel amazing and that looks great on camera, and I can help make suggestions! Choosing a location doesn't need to be difficult, either. Depending on the time of day, the time of year, and how adventurous you're feeling, I'll find a location that will look great.

After your session you'll receive a gallery of images. They're yours to print and share as much as you'd like! If you worry that they'll sit on your hard drive forever, I also offer album design and printing.

So don't worry – we've got this!


ExpectWhat to

Whether you're having an engagement session or family portraits, we'll pick the portrait location in advance. It can be a place that means a lot to you (like your family home) or somewhere with stunning scenery. Need outfit inspiration? It's one of the questions I'm asked the most, but it doesn't have to be difficult! Check out this page for suggestions.

On the day of your portraits, we'll most likely be walking around together to get some variety. I'll show you some poses – how to stand and where to put your hands – but a lot of the time you'll be interacting with each other. The time will fly by, I promise!

QuestionsFacts &

How many images do we get from our wedding?

That's a bit of a complicated question, because it depends on quite a few things: how long I'm there for, how many unique details you had, how much of your timeline was allocated for portraits, how many people were in your wedding party, etc. On average, my wedding clients receive about 600 images in their digital galleries.

Why would we want a second photographer?

A second photographer can be places where I can't, like documenting the groom getting at his family's home while I'm with the bride in her hotel room. Once we're all together for the day, a second photographer can capture different angles of your ceremony and portraits, or can photograph guests during your cocktail hour while you're busy with family formals. If you're interested in having a second photographer added to your wedding coverage, let me know!

Do I need to give you a shot list?

Because my style is documentary, I will be photographing almost everything and anything! Whether it's the exterior of your venue or a close up of your bouquet, I love capturing all the details that you thoughtfully picked out for the day. But I always encourage my clients to point out important family members or details that are extra special. And having a list of groupings you want for family formals is a great way to save time on the day! Just make sure to leave it with a family member who knows what people look like and can help organize everyone.

Our church is sort of dark. Is that okay?

Ahh, dark churches! Or dark barns, dark reception halls, dark getting ready locations.... Light is arguably the most important aspect of photography, and usually more of it is better. When we can, I'll suggest that we move to a nearby area with better, but I know that's not always possible, and I've invested in professional equipment to make sure I always have options! Our wedding consulation is a great time to ask specific questions like this.

Do you make albums?

An album is the best way to enjoy the memories of your wedding for years to come. You'll sit down on a lazy Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and turn the pages, reliving the excitement, the nerves, and the joy. I can guarantee that once you have an album printed, you'll almost never go back to your digital files. It took me almost two years to get around to making my own wedding album because going through the hundreds of photos was really daunting. I don't want that for my clients! You pick the number of pages you want, and I do the design for you.


My kids are pretty young. Can we really have portraits done?

Definitely! Parents are usually surprised at how many great images come out of sessions. With young kids, I've found it's better to approach the session with a lifestyle/documentary approach; we'll walk around, stop for a cuddle, play a game, etc. We'll still aim to get some traditional/posed shots, but having family sessions outdoors means a lot of room to help small children from getting too bored or fidgety.

What should we wear to our family session?

Don't underestimate how much outfits will contribute to the overall look of your images. A well-planned outfit is the icing on the cake to a good photograph! For family sessions, make sure that you're all dressed in the same "formality-level" (i.e. don't have one person in sweat pants and another weaing a suit). Images really stand out when you're all in the same colour scheme, but not matching. And the most important aspect? Wear something that you feel great in, and that flatters your figure so that you're comfortable at your session and love the way you look in your images.

How do you pick locations?

There are a lot of things that go into choosing a portrait location: the time of year, the time of day, the age of any children, and what my clients are looking for. I gravitate to more natural or rural scenes – fields, forests, and farms! But if you want to dress up in a ballgown, I'll probably suggest a spot that's more urban and chic... though now I'm picturing that ballgown in a field of flowers – drool! The most important factor is light! There's a lot of technical stuff behind that, but bottom line is that great light will make for portraits that you want to put on your walls!

Can our dog be in the photos?

I wouldn't dream of having a family session without our 4-year-old labrador, Meadow. I'm very pro pet! That said, you know your pet and what they're capable of. I suggest having someone else come along who can help keep your pet out of trouble, and who can take them home after a while if they are no longer cooperating.

More questions? Send me a note!

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