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August Long Weekend Cousin Reunion

When my grandmother died it brought our family together for the first time in a long time. I saw cousins that I hadn’t seen in almost two decades. The sad event had a happy outcome, and now my brother and I have ten older cousins + their spouses and children to build more memories with.

For the last few years now we’ve tried to have a cousin reunion each summer. Not everyone can make it every year, but we do our best. In just a few years we’ve welcomed new partners and new babies, and the family is growing quickly! My cousins are goofy, accomplished, down-to-earth, hardworking, and weird. I’m proud to call them family! And what better way to spend the Civic Holiday weekend than at the cottage with relatives?

Last year I took a bunch of pictures and then did nothing with them. Lucky for everyone I’ve dedicated myself to this blog, and this year the photos are up for all to see. (Remember how you complained about last year’s lack of photos? No complaints about the blog photos! lol)

First, we got to meet the newest family member, Caleb.

Then Kim showed up pregnant (woo hoo!) Shay showed up Shay, awesome as always ;)Sean kicked off the tubing.…while Blitzen the husky worriedly paced the shore and RJ wanted to follow.Aunt Darlene (who so kindly allowed us to crash the cottage for the weekend) is doing some sort of model pose here.The guys eagerly anticipating watching Scott ski.He didn’t disappoint!Next up was Rob, who apparently can’t go tubing without making faces.Anderson might have been quietly mocking us all. I’m hoping he was trying to keep Miska away from Meadow, though.Meadow patiently waits on shore, and Eden couldn’t stay out of the water!Boat ride for some cliff jumping!All together, now!Look at that focus.Corney, the boat master.Meadow and Blitzen got along really well.Quick, family photo before Kim has to leave. Nooooooo, Aiden and Jennie are missing! Aside from Meadow’s butt, I think we look pretty good!Now this outtake is more like it.Eden is not impressed, but little Caleb was happy as a clam the whole time.Amber was probably his favourite cousin!Bret and Andrea.Proud papa Rashad.Don’t fall over, Aiden. Hey look, it’s me!Puppy photo bomb. Good gams run in the family, starting with our late Nannie’s. Sadly, I did not inherit the trait, but I think all the rest of the Rombough gals did. Damn you, short genes. Damn you.Dog love and ring pops.Time for a kayak before the campfire.Monday morning snuggles with breakfast.
Monday afternoon BBQ’d banana split deliciousness. Shay, you were right: this was definitely the best face.I’m pretty sure we all wanted to nap, but Scott and Aiden were the only ones who attempted it. Scott won.
Jennie, the birthday girl, and her lab-shepherd cross Maya. Maya and Meadow played for hours together, relaying a frisbee. It was great teamwork!I don’t wanna go back to work!Caleb gets passed around again, this time to Auntie Shay.Amber: Kayak pro.Rob playing with the two of the six dogs.This is for a child!!And then Bret got stuck in his kayak and flipped. Someone had to!Thank you to all the cousins who helped organized the weekend and were able to come. Those of you who couldn’t, we were thinking of you! Hopefully next year even more of us can make it.


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