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Travel Tuesdays | San Gimignano, Italy


Once upon a time, before we had a mortgage to pay and a roof to re-shingle in Ottawa, we travelled the world. We did it knowing that one day we would have commitments that made it more difficult to see the world (though we had no plans to stop entirely… and we still don’t). I am so glad we took advantage of that time in our lives when we weren’t yet in our careers. We knew a house loomed on the horizon at some point, but having a few thousand less for the down payment was worth it to us. I’ve never once regretted that decision.

Travel Tuesdays | Halifax, Nova Scotia

Ottawa Travel Photographer

Earlier this month I went to Halifax, Nova Scotia for work. Once a year we have a national conference, the location of which changes every year so that our members visit a variety of locations (and occasionally have a conference in their home province). Last year was Whistler, BC and then year before was Lake Louise, AB. This time we headed east to give the Maritimes some love! As anyone who’s travelled for work knows, there’s precious little time to explore. However, I found a 45 minute window early on into my week there to take the camera outside and explore a little!

Travel Tuesdays | Lantau Island, Hong Kong

On April 29, 2009 we left our 60 square foot hostel room in the infamous Chungking Mansions. We walked down the flights of stairs since the elevator was permanently broken, thankful that we hadn’t booked a place on the 20th storey. Refusing the nice Indian men who offered us cocaine and hash on the stairwell, we broke free into the already muggy air and made our way to the harbour, stopping at Subway for breakfast to-go. Our timing at the docks was perfect, and for $2.50 we boarded the 50-minute ferry to Lantau Island. We ate along the way, watching the freighters and the impressive skyline as our ferry chugged through the roiling harbour.

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