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Travel Tuesdays | Halifax, Nova Scotia

Ottawa Travel PhotographerEarlier this month I went to Halifax, Nova Scotia for work. Once a year we have a national conference, the location of which changes every year so that our members visit a variety of locations (and occasionally have a conference in their home province). Last year was Whistler, BC and the year before was Lake Louise, AB. This time we headed east to give the Maritimes some love!

As anyone who’s travelled for work knows, there’s precious little time to explore. However, I found a 45 minute window early on into my week there to take the camera outside and explore a little!

Fun fact: Rob and I actually lived in Halifax for a whole month while we attended the International Language Institute for an intense crash course on teaching ESL. This time, instead of a dilapidated motel room with a hot plate, my home was just up the road from the Institute, at the Marriott Harbourfront Hotel. I much preferred those accommodations :)

The view from my hotel room the first day, overlooking possibly two of the greatest locations a tourist can see in their first 20 minutes: Cows Ice Cream and the Lower Deck.

The 45 minutes that I found just happened to be on a clear evening with a beautiful rosy sunset. I know Nova Scotia got a ton of snow just before we arrived, so Halifax must have some great snow removal procedures in place. In any event, I very much enjoyed my quick walk around town. Thankfully, while I didn’t get outside again for the remainder of my stay, I did get to hear some great live music (including Signal Hill, who gave us a private performance), and tried lobster in the shell for the first time!

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