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Chocolate Guinness Cake

Yesterday I posted about my dad’s outdoor birthday celebration. You may have noticed the yummy cake in a couple photos. It’s the second time I’ve made that cake, and it turned out really well both times, so I decided to blog it! This Chocolate Guinness cake is moist and dense. It’s almost like a thick brownie. And with a thin layer of cream cheese frosting (and some vanilla ice cream!) it’s a very quick and easy treat that anyone will enjoy – especially stout lovers!

Chocolate Cherry Drops

Do you like cherries? Chocolate? Cookies or brownies? These ones are for you. Unless you use maraschino cherries for other things, I recommend doubling this batch, because it yields about the perfect amount to go through a full bottle of cherries. Of course, if you cut cherries in half (which is more visually appealing but less cherry goodness) you’ll have to quadruple the batch – perfect for bringing in to the office!

Spicy Ginger Sandwich Cookies

I have to admit, I have a real weakness when it comes to these cookies. They’re good on their own, but once you add icing to make sandwiches, I’m a goner. For the photos here I’ve only complete three round cookies for the sake of the photographer, but I actually make a quite a few different shapes, including stars, bells, gingerbread people, candy canes, etc. The rest of them are in the freezer, waiting for closer to Christmas to be decorated. For the first few years I made my own icing to go with them, and it was delicious. But this year I grabbed a $1 can of Betty Crocker icing, and it was equally scrumptious, with the added benefit of being able to ice them whenever you feel like having a cookie — resulting in very fresh icing.

Double Chocolate Scones

A couple months ago I posted a recipe for savoury bacon and cheddar scones. I love those things, as does Rob, because they’re my new excuse to make bacon, which we normally have only for special occasions. That recipe had several suggestions for alternate flavours — some of which I tried out — but there was also another recipe for chocolate chip scones. It’s not a lot different from the original, but it packs a lot more flavour in there. This scone is definitely not for breakfast unless you’ve spent many years honing your chocolate intake capacity. It does really well as an evening snack… with Bailey’s.

Christmas Shortbread Bites

A few weeks ago, this recipe came across my Facebook page. It looked very festive, and though I’ve never tried to make shortbread before I was sure I could handle it. The problem was that I don’t have a food processor, or the pan size listed in the article. With a few workarounds, though, I made things work – so don’t let that stop you from making a recipe you really want to try! This is the first recipe I’ve posted on this blog that I hadn’t already made successfully several times, so I’ve critiqued it at the end.

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