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Brooke and Edward Fun Couples Portraits in Ottawa

couple running towards the camera during fun portrait session

Brooke and Edward met me a few weeks ago for some fun couples portraits in Ottawa. We went to one of my favourite locations (see other recent shoots here and here). It wasn’t their first time having their portraits taken, but every time is different (and hopefully gets easier). Having your photo taken should be...

On the Diner Wall | A Portrait Decor Project

Tara is one of those people that I used to be a little intimidated by. Not because of her personality (which is very warm and friendly!) but because of how she dresses. Yup. Anyone who can not only put together a great outfit, but can do it with a mix of vintage and new clothing and always has great shoes is intimidating in my books. Because you just know they have good taste in music, too. And probably on vinyl. Which Tara does, by the way. She was moving into a new apartment and was inspired by the portraits of famous people that are on the walls in diners. So for her housewarming party she had a potluck dinner, and surprised those first lucky people who shared a meal with her: they were going to have their portrait taken and become art in her home!

Christine | A Wildflower Portrait Session

Rob and I don’t have a car. We sold our vehicle in Edmonton before we moved back to Ottawa 2.5 years ago, and we’ve been purposefully living without a car ever since. Our neighbourhood is surprisingly walkable for a suburb, and we’re no more than 15 minutes away from anything we might need. That — combined with good bus service — allowed us to make the decision to go without a car for as long as we could. Usually we don’t regret the decision (except for getting groceries in -30). I cycle a lot, and I’m always finding new locations to shoot in. You can’t focus on location scouting quite as well when you’re driving a car! I got a drive home from work a few weeks ago, though, and we passed a farm with tire tracks subtly parting a field of wildflowers. I knew right away that I wanted to shoot some portraits here.

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