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On the Diner Wall | A Portrait Decor Project

Tara's Project-13Tara is one of those people that I used to be a little intimidated by. Not because of her personality (which is very warm and friendly!) but because of how she dresses. Yup. Anyone who can not only put together a great outfit, but can do it with a mix of vintage and new clothing and always has great shoes is intimidating in my books. Because you just know they have good taste in music, too. And probably on vinyl.

Which Tara does, by the way.

She was moving into a new apartment and was inspired by the portraits of famous people that are on the walls in diners. So for her housewarming party she had a potluck dinner, and surprised those first lucky people who shared a meal with her: they were going to have their portrait taken and become art in her home! Tara’s vision is to print all the photos and have her guests sign them, then hang them up on the walls around her dining room table. These are a few of my favourites from the party. Thanks to Chris for taking mine!

Tara's Project_0008Tara's Project_0005

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Ottawa, Ontario