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Christine | A Wildflower Portrait Session

Rob and I don’t have a car. We sold our vehicle in Edmonton before we moved back to Ottawa 2.5 years ago, and we’ve been purposefully living without a car ever since. Our neighbourhood is surprisingly walkable for a suburb, and we’re no more than 15 minutes away from anything we might need. That — combined with good bus service — allowed us to make the decision to go without a car for as long as we could. Usually we don’t regret the decision (except for getting groceries in -30). I cycle a lot, and I’m always finding new locations to shoot in. You can’t  focus on location scouting quite as well when you’re driving a car!

I got a drive home from work a few weeks ago, though, and we passed a farm with tire tracks subtly parting a field of wildflowers. I knew right away that I wanted to shoot some portraits here. My friend Christine agreed to model for me, and we had a great couple hours laughing and catching up while I worked the camera. We ventured out to a couple other locations as well, which I also look forward to sharing on the blog at some point. After a couple hours of shooting we capped the evening off with some great Vietnamese food (also found in my suburb). Christine, I had a blast! Thanks for indulging me!

Christine_part1_0112Christine_part1_0111I hope you’re able to get outside this summer as much as possible, doing whatever it is you like to do!

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Ottawa, Ontario