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Travel Tuesdays | San Gimignano, Italy

SanGimignano-Italy-Ottawa-Travel-Photographer_0014Once upon a time, before we had a mortgage to pay and a roof to re-shingle in Ottawa, we travelled the world. We did it knowing that one day we would have commitments that made it more difficult to see the world (though we had no plans to stop entirely… and we still don’t). I am so glad we took advantage of that time in our lives when we weren’t yet in our careers. We knew a house loomed on the horizon at some point, but having a few thousand less for the down payment was worth it to us. I’ve never once regretted that decision.

We have our house now, and we’re slowly making the place our own. With our fourth wedding anniversary coming up, we’re dreaming of travel more and more often now. But this summer, we’re doing some landscaping. And hopefully buying a car. And maybe we’ll replace the roof… or choose to sweep shingle debris for one more year while dreaming of another trip. In the meantime, we have a lot of memories to keep us entertained. And I’m so glad that while I didn’t yet want to be a photographer per se, photography was still such a joy for me during our travels. Because now I have all these pretty pictures ;)

Today’s Travel Tuesday is from San Gimignano in Tuscany. For those with a keen eye, it’s where part of Under the Tuscan Sun was filmed. It’s a medieval town that dates back to before Christ. It was old and crumbling and beautiful. The tall towers from far away made us think we were approaching a modern city. The countryside views from within the walls were magical. As was the gelato. It was a great day trip from Florence!


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