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Katina and Justin | Married A blush and grey wedding at the Cobden Agricultural Society Hall

If there was one thing that was overwhelmingly obvious on Katina and Justin’s wedding day, it’s that they’re the kind of people who care about their friends and family, and that where they came from means the world to them. It’s hard work keeping friendships alive as you get older: people move away, focus on careers, have babies, and often grow apart. But Katina and Justin were surrounded by people who knew them when they were young, and classmates who knew them when they started dating in High School!

That’s right, these two are High School Sweethearts. And during the speeches we heard how they fell for each other – Katina lighting up when Justin’s name came up or when they were together, and Justin making sure he was the one who got to drive her to/from school. And that excitement to be together hasn’t waned at all. These two are comfortable with each other, and they put everyone else at ease around them. They welcomed me into their homes like they welcome everyone, and their wedding day was such a pleasure to photograph.

Katina got ready at her family home in Cobden along with her eight bridesmaids. I loved the long blush dresses and greenery in the bouquets. I want eucalyptus all over my house now! And Katina’s dress was amazing!!! It was also the palest blush colour, and her bridesmaids were right when they said she looked like a Disney princess. After hair and makeup, and some quick portraits, everyone piled into their vehicles to drive to St. Anne’s Parish in Eganville. It’s a gorgeous church with lots of natural light, which is hard to come by in some older buildings! Justin waited at the altar for Katina, and he had to take some deep, steadying breaths as she came down the aisle on her dad’s arm. I remember that moment from my own wedding so well, and I love watching the groom.

One of the highlights of the day for me was photographing the two of them with a sporty red corvette, on loan from Justin’s dad. I don’t know a lot about cars, but that thing looks like it’s a lot of fun to drive! What a great wedding car!

Their reception was held at the Cobden Agricultural Society Hall, which they transformed into a white and gold sparkly wonder, and they brought in whole trees! TREES! It made me so happy. I love trees lol. Tip to brides planning a wedding in a community centre: check out what these two did on the ceiling, especially around the dance floor! They strung leis from the ceiling and it added a lot of fun and depth to the images! The centerpieces were antique-looking white birdcages, and they used the greenery from the church aisles to dress them up. The whole thing looked amazing!

Katina and Justin, I hope you’re enjoying your mini-moon in Ottawa this week. Thank you so much for trusting me with your wedding day, and for being so easy-going whenever I see you. I wish you all the best!

Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 01Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 02Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 03Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 04Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 05Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 06Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 09Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 08Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 07Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 10Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 11Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 12Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 13Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 16Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 17Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 18Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 19Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 20Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 21Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 22Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 22Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 23Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 24Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 25Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 26Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 27Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 28Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 30Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 31Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 32Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 33Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 34Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 35Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 36Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 37Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 38Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 39Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 40Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 41Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 43Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 44Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 45Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 46Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 47Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 48Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 49Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 50Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 51Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 52Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 53Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 54Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 55Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 56Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 57Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 58Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 60Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 59Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 66Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 61Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 62Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 63Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 64

Blush-Grey-Cobden-Agricultural-Recreation-Hall-Wedding 68

Bride’s Dress | Essence of Australia, from With Love Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaid dresses | David’s Bridal

Groom’s Tux | Sean Jean, from Fine Men’s Clothing

Florist | Kevin’s Flowers, Petawawa

Hair | Studio 646

Make-up | Makeup by Paula

DJ | Dandee Music

Cake | (Homemade)

Catering | Ullrich’s on Main, Pembroke

Reception Venue | Cobden Agricultural Society – Recreational Hall

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