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The Grant Family Fall Family Portraits in Ottawa's Greenbelt

This sweet family contacted me at the end of October hoping there would be some leaves left! Thankfully, we had a GREAT year for leaves! There are still tons around, and the weather is amazingly in the double digits most days. (Sorry, I probably just jinxed it).

The Grants came all the way from Kemptville and met me in the Greenbelt a couple Saturdays ago. Their little boys were adorable!! A lot of parents are worried about how young kids will do during portraits. I like to take my time, and move at the kids’ pace. Giving them little breaks to stretch and run – or in this case, feed the chickadees – allows them to spend some pent up energy so that they can pose more later on. And while they’re at it, I’m able to get some great candids.

It was great meeting you, Grant family! I’m glad we were able to squeeze in a session this season.

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Ottawa, Ontario