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My Quinoa Obsession

Quinoa_0005So I realize I’m a few years late with this, and I should really be obsessed with kale right now (or is that already passé too?), but I rediscovered quinoa. I say “rediscovered” because I actually tried it a few years ago while we were in Edmonton, and I was not a fan. It was gross; the texture was weird, it tasted bitter, etc. In hindsight I probably bought quinoa that needed to be rinsed first and didn’t know it, or else I bought couscous. Now I need to try couscous again.

My new obsession started with Pinterest (of course). I saw a quinoa greek salad that looked amazing and biked to the store right away to buy some of the Peruvian super food.

I eat salad for lunch pretty much every day. I love it. It’s not about healthy eating, though that’s a great perk, but I genuinely love salad, and it usually doesn’t “hurt” me to eat it (my bowels are messed up). However, even after adding chicken, I’m often super hungry by the time I get home from work. Throw in my new spring/summer routine of biking home 27km and I get a little shaky. I wanted something to bulk up my salads.

Enter quinoa and 6-bean medley — my new favourite lunch! I make a week’s worth at a time and add some fresh parsley and basil from the garden, then chop up cucumber and tomato to toss in daily. All some pepper and it’s good to go. If I’ve got an extra minute I add feta and black olives, but it’s pretty good without! Best part? It gives me enough fuel to get home!

Here are some pictures from my very first attempt at that greek quinoa salad.

I should also mention that sweet potato fries are probably my favourite thing ever, and they’re super easy to make! The last recipe I tried worked great!

1. Chop up sweet potato into similarly sized pieces (I do them about half an inch thick)
2. Put the fries in resealable bag with a bit of oil.
3. Shake shake shake!!
4. Season to taste (I add cracked black pepper, cayenne pepper, and a bit of sea salt)
5. Cook for 25 minutes or so at 450 degrees, flipping halfway.

If I want dipping sauce I mix mayonaise with sweet chili thai sauce (from Costco). Yum!!! Takes a bit of the bite off the cayenne pepper.

If you’ve tried any great quinoa salads, let me know! I’m not quite up to making cake with it yet, but I’d welcome a salad variation. Happy eating!

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