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Office Makeover Month

New Office_Terrarium_0003When we lived in Edmonton, we had a three bedroom townhouse, which meant that we each got our own office. Our house now also has three bedrooms, and when we first moved we were a bit undecided about what to do with the smaller two. Nursery? Guest room? One office? Two? At the beginning, we both took a room as an office – me the larger and Rob the smaller. But then we renovated a small room we have in the basement, and Rob moved down there for his office.

The room I was in was a little big for an office. Don’t get me wrong – I like large, airy, bright rooms. But with one window and a long rectangular layout (not to mention mint-coloured walls) the room just didn’t suit me. So one day while I was out of town for work, Rob swapped offices for me. The other room remained empty. And I stayed in the smaller, cozier office for a year.

On New Years Eve, I decided it was time to redo my small office. I started moving stuff out. Then I went the route of no return and began ripping out the shelving that had been in place of a closet (the previous owners also used it as an office, clearly, as the closet was gone). Next came the old original baseboards and trim. Fast forward three weeks, and my office is almost finished! Which is good, because I’ve gotta tell you – I sort of miss blogging! But it’s hard to do when you’re in the middle of a mess and you’re sitting on the floor with your computer propped up on a box.

In the meantime, I’ve been shopping for new decor, including this awesome terrarium. I’m looking forward to sharing the final product soon!


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