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A Birthday for Dad

I think it might be safe to say that spring is finally here. We still have a few patches of snow in Ottawa, but for the most part it’s gone, which makes this photographer very happy!

With spring comes my dad’s birthday. He was born on a Friday the 13th, a point of pride that made #13 my favourite number for sports jerseys whenever I could get it. My dad is still the most athletic person I know. He plays hockey like a fiend (often on more than one team), and on the weekends you can find him in the Gatineaus skiing in the winter and biking in the summer. He’s taken me on midnight skis while a full moon is out, and he taught me to swim and to keep my eyes open and my mitt up when a fastball’s coming at me. Thanks to him I’ve learned that endorphins really can make troubles easier to deal with and bad moods disappear. Whether we’re kayaking on the Ottawa river during a calm day or he’s breaking the wind for me skating on that same river in the winter, the outdoors and my father are forever tied for me. We talk best while in the fresh air and moving.

So it was fitting that this birthday was celebrated outdoors in the warm spring air. Rob fired up the bbq and cooked the steaks to perfection, and I make a Guinness cake. With Meadow patiently eyeballing the food, we ate outdoors and stayed out there until dark when it started to rain. Dad, I hope you enjoyed your birthday, because I sure did :)

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Ottawa, Ontario