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Family Reunion 2015 The Rombough Annual Cousin Get Together - Stouffville Edition

I am lucky to have quite a few cousins on my father’s side. The Rombough cousins were apart for many years, but we reconnected at our grandmother’s funeral, and over the last few years we’ve been doing our best to get together each summer. Last year’s reunion saw us up at a cottage for a weekend of swimming and shenanigans. This year we  stayed with my cousin Shannon and her leading man, Scott, who are quite possibly the best hosts ever.

While the majority of us live in Ottawa or the GTA, our cousin Bonnie and her family are now out in Winnipeg, and Todd lives in Vancouver. Between distance and busy schedules, we can’t all make it every year, but we’re sure thinking about those who couldn’t come :)


Kurt and Anna brought enough mojito supplies to have us all feeling good! Scott broke out the cigars for the occasion. 

Eden is getting so big! She loved the water. 

Look how big Caleb has gotten! He’s no longer the baby of the family.The water fights got pretty competitive!We had dogs underfoot, too! Bullseye got along much better with Meadow this year. Story time with Kim. What a jump!A Skip It!! Welcome back to the 80s! Amber has not lost her skills.Round three of mojitos. 


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Ottawa, Ontario