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Carly and Tyler | Married A Rustic Camo Backyard Wedding

Ottawa-Area-Rustic-Camo-Backyard-Wedding_0064When Carly and Tyler contacted me to document their wedding out in Finch, I have to admit that I google mapped it. Then when I saw the size of the town hamlet, I didn’t feel so bad. But while Carly and Tyler live in a small place, they have huge hearts, as do their friends and family — all who made me really feel part of the celebration. But the real love was between Carly and Tyler. He makes her laugh, occasionally swat him, and then laugh some more. And you can tell by the way he looks at her that Carly means the world to him. These two love with big hearts, and by the smiles and tears from guests at their wedding, you know that they surround themselves with similar people. Congratulations you two!

The guys got ready in their home in Finch, helped by their dog Fred (who made an appearance in their engagement photos this past spring).


Ottawa-Area-Rustic-Camo-Backyard-Wedding_0013After the guys finished dressing, we headed over to Tyler’s dad’s home, where the ceremony and reception were held and the girls got ready.Ottawa-Area-Rustic-Camo-Backyard-Wedding_0016So in love with this picture! What a stunning bride.
Ottawa-Area-Rustic-Camo-Backyard-Wedding_0018He sees her for the first time! Couldn’t stop smiling.Get ready: these full-length sage bridesmaids dresses are gorgeous! Sister love.I can’t remember what they were laughing at, but the bunch of them are complete hams lol
They didn’t stop smiling at each other like this all day long.Ottawa-Area-Rustic-Camo-Backyard-Wedding_0064Ottawa-Area-Rustic-Camo-Backyard-Wedding_0065When Carly told me they were putting a tent in the backyard, this is not quite what I was expecting. Everything was gorgeous, and such a perfect blend of rustic and elegant.


Carly and Tyler, I hope you enjoy reliving your wedding day! Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of it.

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Ottawa, Ontario