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Ice Storm Beauty | Ottawa

Ice_Storm_Ottawa_Photographer_0002This past weekend wasn’t great for driving, but was good for outdoor photography! A thin layer of snow and ice coating everything makes for a magical winter backdrop! This weekend I had an engagement shoot scheduled with one of my 2015 couples, but unfortunately the groom-to-be drives a snowplow, so we understandably had to reschedule. I have no doubt we’ll find another weekend soon with even better conditions, but in the meantime I couldn’t resist taking my camera out. And of course, I had to photograph my two favourite subjects!

This is Meadow’s second winter, and she still absolutely loves the snow. As soon as she gets outside she dunks her face in it and pushes forward so the snow flies up over her eyebrows, then she rolls around gleefully. The ice over the snow meant no chasing the ball around (she’d get too excited and risk cutting her legs), but she found the added texture pretty exciting all the same!

I hope you’re staying warm this winter. We’ve hardly had any snow and the days are already getting longer! My dad and I managed to get out for an amazing skate on the river this past Saturday morning before the snow started. Kilometres and kilometres of perfectly smooth ice! What a dream!


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Ottawa, Ontario