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Carly and Tyler | Engaged A Finch & Chesterville Engagement Session

South-Dundas-Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-016I drove out of Ottawa and headed straight to the farm fields, wishing for the upteenth time that I lived outside the city. Carly and Tyler live in the little town of Finch in North Stormont Township. They’re getting married there in July, and wanted some engagement photos around their home with the fur baby, Fred. After 45 minutes of farms and long country roads, I was greeted at their door by the wriggly Fred, who is clumsy-looking and utterly adorable.

Carly and Tyler are such a sweet couple. Like most people, they were shy in front of the camera to start off with, but by the time the sun was setting they were relaxed and modelling like pros. Engagement session are wonderful for that very reason: not only do couples get an extra set of portraits that are infused with their personalities, but when it’s time for their wedding day photos we’re all comfortable with each other and they’ve had practice being in front of my lens. South-Dundas-Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-001South-Dundas-Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-002South-Dundas-Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-003South-Dundas-Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-004I love Carly’s ring! So unique, and I’m a sucker for gold. South-Dundas-Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-017South-Dundas-Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-005South-Dundas-Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-006South-Dundas-Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-007South-Dundas-Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-008Love this one! So much happiness. South-Dundas-Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-009South-Dundas-Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-010South-Dundas-Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-011South-Dundas-Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-012South-Dundas-Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-013South-Dundas-Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-016South-Dundas-Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-014Finch-Chesterville-South-Dundas-Engagement-Photography_0019South-Dundas-Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-015South-Dundas-Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-018

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