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Nova Scotia Vacation Part 1 | Exploring Malagash and Tatamagouche

I’d been looking forward to our August vacation since Christmas. And I’d been looking forward to going back to the Maritimes for years! Somehow seven years have gone by since I graduated from UPEI, and May 2007 was the last time I was in the East Coast. I couldn’t wait to get back, and this vacation was all I had hoped it would be: two and a half weeks of salt air, cool breezes, great company, long beaches, and a slower pace of life.

We started our trip with a few days visiting Rob’s family in Malagash, Nova Scotia. They live on several acres with access to the beach, and we stayed in a guest cabin (a converted stand-alone garage). The first batch of vacation photos chronicles our first few lazy days there, just poking around the property and exploring nearby Tatamagouche. Thank you so much to my inlaws, Ina and Fraser, for being such great hosts!

The little cabin.

Abandoned barn and house adjacent to their property.I’ve only seen my father-in-law without overalls twice, and it was for the weddings of both his children!
Sooo many hummingbirds around their deck!Morning trip to the Tatamagouche market.Love the expressions on the boys watching the pie eating contest!Tatamagouche is home to the famous Canadian giantess Anna Swan.Jost Vineyards are near their house. They’re famous for the ice wines.Time to fire up the mini bike! This thing was bought a few years ago in anticipation of grandkids. Of course, they needed to make sure it still worked….It did… with a push start.The weather wasn’t fantastic for the first part of our trip, but there was a lot to explore when it wasn’t raining!We also spent a lot of time in the boat and on the beach, but I’ll save that for another blog post. One of the great things about dedicating myself to keeping up this blog is that it can chronicle a bit of my life. I used to make photo albums regularly when I was developing film, but since getting my first digital camera that came to a crashing halt, and my photos sit on the computer for the most part. Next step: making albums again!

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