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Nova Scotia Vacation Part 2 | Beaches and Camping

I didn’t take as many photos in the last week of our trip. Mostly because of a lack of space. You see, I forgot one 16GB memory card at work and I only have two. We brought Rob’s laptop and my external drive, plus a friend’s external drive. So, no problem, right? WRONG. Very wrong. Problem #1: Turns out Rob’s laptop only had 8GB of space left on it. Can you believe that? Time to clear out the computer! Problem #2: Turns out my hard drive had even less space on it! How is that possible??! Problem #3: Turns out that my friend’s brand new terabyte hard drive was safety locked for editing (or so I thought). Are you kidding me?! I find all this out the day before a shoot. Panic sets in. So I go into Charlottetown to buy another memory card, since I needed one anyways. And no one sells CF cards on the Island. What?! So I bought my own WD terabyte hard drive and drive back to the cottage with it, intending to transfer the photos in the morning since Rob was out visiting a friend and had brought his laptop.

Morning comes, and I’ve got two hours to get ready. I plug in the hard drive… and it doesn’t work. Same as the other one. And I don’t have internet to figure out what the problem is. So, I use every last spare gig transferring photos to make enough room for a couple hundred shots. The shoot went well and I honestly used every single spec of space, deleting as I went (bad practice, but necessary). When I got back to Rob’s parents place after camping five days later, I googled.

Drive needed to be reformatted for Mac users. Sometimes I really hate Apple.We went “camping” at Sandsman Provincial Park. I say “camping” because look at that set-up! Rob’s parents arrived a couple days before we did, and they have a trailer, and basically an entire kitchen and dining room. It was intense! Rob and I pitched out tent next to them and basically enjoyed being pampered for a few days. Such a relaxing experience! We got very lucky with the weather, as it didn’t even rain during the day. The guy staying in the spot near us offered the use of his paddle board. We took him up on it! Rob was a pro and went all over the place. I really enjoyed it, too! The arches of my feet got sore after a while… just like when I first started doing yoga! Meadow swam after Rob because, you know, there’s a very good possibility he could die if she’s not in his face all the time. And Ina, Rob’s mom, took it for a whirl too!Rob’s dad made Jigg’s Dinner one night. It’s a Newfoundland salt pork stew, and he and Rob ate it like starving men. I tried some and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but still way too salty for me!And I have no idea why people eat mussles. Coming back from camping, we had a few days of not-so-great weather again. But I got to drive a tractor for over an hour! Soooo much fun! Why do I have a desk job again? Oh yeah, I actually like my job too. So, tractoring is just a potential hobby, maybe. Right up there with knitting and baking. Love it!Our vacation came to a close, but not before a surprise visit back to PEI! Rob’s mom and I left Saturday afternoon to go see Shania Twain in Charlottetown! The concert was right in front of the house I used to live in. As in, I could have sat on my front porch and seen Shania (with binoculars). We got back to the house at 2am, then Rob and I left at 6am for Ottawa. Needless to say, he took the first shift driving.

And that’s it, folks! Summer vacation is over, and now it’s time for fall. Bring on the beautiful foliage! I love taking photos in the fall, so if you want some done make sure to ask soon, since everyone knows those colours don’t last long.

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