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Our Neighbourhood Dog Community

Those of you who’ve known me well for more than a few years know that I never used to be a dog person. In fact, my parents are still sort of flabbergasted each time they see me with our lab Meadow. But Rob said from day one in our relationship that he wanted a dog some day, and I figured that was something I could compromise on, and hopefully come to love.

Which, thankfully, ended up being the case! We got Meadow as a chunky little ball of fur when she was 9 weeks old, and let’s just say the bonding went well. I was nervous around large dogs until we got her. Now all I can see when a 120lb large breed is running towards me is an overgrown puppy hoping to play!

One of the great perks that comes with dog ownership is getting out to walk more, and our induction into the dog owners’ community. We’ve not only met our neighbours and their dogs, but walks usually turn into a big social gathering. We’re so lucky to live in an area where we have access to this!

So before it gets too late in the season, I thought I’d share these pictures that were taken one evening in the summer. This is just a regular night for us, but I thought I’d bring my camera along this time to document some of the action. These are just a handful of Meadow’s friends!

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Ottawa, Ontario