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Our Sixth Anniversary An ode to the passing of time

Our sixth wedding anniversary was on August 20th. Hooray for weekend anniversaries! Before we got married, Rob and I never celebrated anniversaries. We didn’t care too much about remembering the exact date of our first date, and it’s not like we exchanged promise rings at any point and decided we were “going steady.” But our wedding anniversary is easy to remember!

This year we are half and half: we’ve been together for 12 years, and married for six! This is silly, but it makes me happy, because when we first got married people would ask “how long have you been married?” and the number was low. They’d then give these knowing looks and start telling us what things would be like after a few years. Soon I started answering “we’ve been married X long, but we’ve been together for X long!” I was very concerned with being taken seriously as a couple. Now that we’re half a dozen years in, it doesn’t bother me. Mostly because people have stopped having an opinion, aside from asking how old I am. Now I’m just starting to feel old ;)

Every year on our anniversary we take a photo in the same pose as the wedding portrait that we have on our mantle. My plan is to do a flip book to see how we’ve aged!

Here we are so far! Almost every year was taken in a different location. We’re getting faster – this year I only took 5 shots to get one where we were mostly in the right pose.

A few observations

  1. I need a new hairstyle. Next year it’s going to be a bob with bangs or something. Can you tell I stopped dying my hair between anniversary #2 and #3?
  2. Rob may be getting more hostile looking as time goes on. I’m choosing not to read too much into this.
  3. I’ve very grateful that our anniversary is at the end of August. This ensures maximum tan potential for both of us which is sorely needed!
  4. Rob has worn the same shirt for 3 out of the 6 years, and I bet you didn’t notice. I, on the other hand, have to be very careful not to wear the same dress! Next year, I vote Rob wears the flash and I get to wear plain colours.
  5. We’ve had ridiculously good weather for these pictures!
  6. Year five was actually taken a couple days after our anniversary because I shot a wedding on the day of… weather was gorgeous that day too, though!

Six years of anniversary photos in the same pose

From left to right

  1. First wedding anniversary: my parents’ backyard at 4 Harlowe Crescent, where we were living at the time. We were super happy, though, because we finally both got jobs the week before! We’re still at them :)
  2. Second wedding anniversary: a little rushed right after work. At our new house! Backyard not yet renovated, but we were so proud :) Hoping next year there would be a baby in the picture with us. Attempted to take some with puppy Meadow. Epic failure, but fun out-takes!
  3. Third wedding anniversary: This was taken at my parents’ cottage in PEI during a much needed vacation. My first time back on the Island since graduating seven years before.
  4. Fourth wedding anniversary: This one was taken at Rob’s parents’ house in Nova Scotia. We ducked out of a family gathering to take it, and once again tried getting Meadow in the shot. Magnificently successful that year! The picture is now blown up and framed in our family room.
  5. Fifth wedding anniversary: This is the only repeat location, back at my parents’ cottage in PEI. Background looks a little different because it was so windy we had to take shelter in some trees. Out of 15 shots, this is the one where Rob’s hair is most under control. He was not impressed.
  6. Sixth wedding anniversary: taken in our neighbourhood on a path where I frequently bring photography clients! Great light before sunset. Five shots and we were out of there and back in our comfy clothes to enjoy a quiet night on the deck!

And here we are close up so that you can see we do, in fact, age ;)

Our sixth wedding anniversary portrait

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