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Introducing Riley | 8 weeks old An Ottawa Dog Adoption Success Story

Our good friends adopted a puppy last week from the Aylmer SPCA. They’d been wanting a dog for years, and the time finally came! Alisha is definitely the dog crazy one of the household (there’s always one more than the other). It took Sam a little longer to come around. I think he had the same hesitation as everyone: do we have enough time to devote to a dog the way he deserves? So when the timing was right, they started seriously looking. They knew they wanted to rescue a dog, so they searched local SPCA sites and Ottawa rescue groups. And that’s when little Riley became available! He was the result of an unplanned pregnancy. And now he’s an Ottawa dog adoption success story!

This is the couple we entrust with Meadow, our labrador retriever, when we go away. They shower her with affection. They let her sleep with them! Whenever we go visit Alisha and Sam, we know that Meadow is always welcome. Being able to bring our furry family member with us when we visit people and feeling completely at ease doing so means so much to us. It’s hard going to work all day and leaving your dog, and we spend as much time with her as possible when we’re not at work! So we know that they will love this little guy, even if he sheds or drools.

Just like babies, puppies are only tiny for a short time! To make sure we capture Riley and his new family, we did a mini portrait session in their backyard. I took way too many pictures. Any time a dog gets in the family photoshoot, though, is lots of fun. This young pup joined his parents for their engagement session, this bride made sure she got photos with her dog, and this family managed to rein in their boxer for their photos!

Sam and Alisha, I know I said it about a billion times the other night, but congratulations on expanding your family by four furry paws! Riley is adorable, and I look forward to him and Meadow being great friends :)


Ottawa Dog Adoption Photographer 01Ottawa Dog Adoption Photographer 02Ottawa Dog Adoption Photographer 03Ottawa Dog Adoption Photographer 04Ottawa Dog Adoption Photographer 05He is just so tiny! We’re thankful that Meadow does really well with young pups. She gives them space, and if they want to play she gives up her belly and lets them crawl all over her.

Ottawa Dog Adoption Photographer 06Ottawa Dog Adoption Photographer 07Ottawa Dog Adoption Photographer 08Ottawa Dog Adoption Photographer 09Ottawa Dog Adoption Photographer 10Ottawa Dog Adoption Photographer 11Ottawa Dog Adoption Photographer 12Ottawa Dog Adoption Photographer 13Ottawa Dog Adoption Photographer 14When the sun went down we went inside to visit awhile longer. Riley passed out from all of the excitement. He’s only been with them for one day, but already content to sleep on his new family members.

Ottawa Dog Adoption Photographer 15Meadow stayed nearby and watched him sleep, making sure he was okay. She’s got a mothering heart!I hope these two will be good friends!

Ottawa Dog Adoption Photographer 16

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