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The Giggeys – Sneak Peek

Talk about a great vacation! Rob and I have been on the east coast for two weeks now, and it’s been glorious. Getting away from it all and going without the internet for days at a time has been such a needed break from reality. Normally I’m not a very stressed person; I’m pretty sure my blood pressure has picked a spot and just kind of hovers there 24/7. But lately I’ve been feeling some stress, and a trip to see family, friends, and places once known has truly been a vacation.

We still have a few more days to smell salt air and squish sand between our toes, but I couldn’t help taking a quick look at some photos I took for the Giggey family while on Prince Edward Island. And of course, I can’t keep the fun all to myself! This shoot was a kids only affair, and man are these munchkins ever adorable… and so well behaved! Stay tuned for more action on the blog next week, including photos from our trip and the beautiful scenery of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.


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Ottawa, Ontario