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Megan and Jonathan | Married A Classic Fall Wedding in Crysler, North Stormont

Chrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerI drove through a small blizzard to get to Megan and Jonathan’s house on their wedding day, but I didn’t tell the bride that (sorry Megan!). There was no need – despite a dismal forecast and pockets of snow, October 17th turned out to be a great day in Crysler, even though it was a little chilly for the time of year!

Their day was full of people who love them. From the wedding party who welcomed me into the fold (and the hunt camp!) with open arms, to the guests who belly laughed through the speeches and tore it up on the dance floor, it was obvious that Megan and Jonathan are surrounded by great family and friends. The bride and groom were welcomed by each others’ families, though anyone could see they were already a part of them. But what was most obvious was how much these two love each other. You can see how much she means to him when he first sees her in the aisle: his face is full of love and pride, and he looked like he was just filled with excitement at making a life with her. And the way she looked at him during their portrait time… you guys, this is why I love photographing weddings! Who wouldn’t want to be part of such a great day?

Megan and Jonathan, I hope you enjoy reliving your wedding day! It was a joy to celebrate it with you :)

Raspberry-White-Wedding-ColoursRaspberry-White-Wedding-ColoursMegan lost her father not too long ago, but his presence was felt throughout the day and he was remembered in many ways. Raspberry-White-Wedding-ColoursRaspberry-White-Wedding-ColoursRaspberry-White-Wedding-ColoursRaspberry-White-Wedding-ColoursRaspberry-White-Wedding-ColoursChrysler-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerOur Lady of the Rosary Chrysler Wedding
Our Lady of the Rosary Chrysler WeddingOur Lady of the Rosary Chrysler WeddingOur Lady of the Rosary Chrysler WeddingOur Lady of the Rosary Chrysler WeddingOur Lady of the Rosary Chrysler WeddingOur Lady of the Rosary Chrysler WeddingOur Lady of the Rosary Chrysler WeddingThese guys and their entire wedding party took ATVs out to their portrait location in the woods! So much fun! I love country weddings :)Chrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Community-Center-WeddingChrysler-Community-Center-WeddingChrysler-Community-Center-WeddingChrysler-Community-Center-WeddingChrysler-Community-Center-WeddingChrysler-Community-Center-WeddingChrysler-Community-Center-WeddingChrysler-Community-Center-WeddingChrysler-Community-Center-WeddingChrysler-Community-Center-WeddingChrysler-Community-Center-WeddingChrysler-Community-Center-WeddingChrysler-Community-Center-WeddingChrysler-Community-Center-WeddingChrysler-Community-Center-WeddingChrysler-Community-Center-WeddingChrysler-Community-Center-WeddingChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerMegan’s brother danced with her for the traditional father-daughter dance, and it was hard not to cry. Chrysler-Community-Center-WeddingJonathan’s mom looked so happy to be dancing with her son!Chrysler-Community-Center-WeddingAnd then the cake cutting happened and the party got started! Chrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Community-Center-WeddingChrysler-Community-Center-WeddingChrysler-Community-Center-WeddingChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-PhotographerChrysler-Stormont-Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer

Venue | Crysler Community Center

Church | Our Lady of the Rosary, Crysler, ON

Dress Store | With Love Bridal Boutique

Bride’s Dress | Maggie Sottero

Bridesmaids’ Dresses | Donna Morgan

Groom/Groomsmen | Moores

Hairsylist | Kathrin Speck

Make-up Artist | Karley Gagnon

Florist | Kelly’s Floral Designs

Invitations | Chloë B. Design

DJ | DJ Shannon

Catering | Prestige Catering

Cake | Kayla O’Shaughnessy

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