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Baby Samuel A Newborn Baby Boy Portrait Session

Ottawa-Baby-Boy-Newborn-PhotographerAbout two and a half years ago I photographed Sammy’s big brother, Sullivan, during summertime in Ottawa. It was so nice out we even adventured outdoors. This little guy, however, was born in the late fall. While it was unseasonably warm this fall (hello 16 degrees on Christmas Eve!), there was definitely no venturing outside for Sammy’s pictures.

Sammy seems like a pretty chill little boy. It could be because his parents are so relaxed. From the outside it really seems like they’re nailing this whole parenting thing. I mean, these guys don’t even look that tired. I’m pretty sure they’re magic. Whatever the reason, at three weeks young this little guy was alert for most of his session, just sort of watching and not wanting to be left out of anything (which is apparently a younger sibling thing). He did, however, doze off for about 15 minutes, which I took full advantage of!

For this session I was going for an easy simplicity to the photos… no prop, no crazy wrap techniques. I wanted his cute little fingers and toes, long eyelashes, and little belly rolls to be the main focus.

Don’t you think he looks just like his little brother? I put a comparison shot at the end!



That’s big brother on the left, and little brother on the right! Crazy! I can’t wait to see these brothers grow up. Something tells me they’re going to get into a lot of mischief!

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Ottawa, Ontario