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Now Offering Albums Custom Designed High-Quality Albums

I think I’m ready to come out of hibernation! The last couple of months at my 9-5 has been ridiculous, and there’s been quite a bit of photography happening which is a little abnormal for me in February and March given our weather. In between all the crazy, though, I managed to get some sample albums made!

Up until now, I’ve only offered digital images with my wedding and portrait photography. Part of the reason for that was that there are so many options for people to make their own albums. There are a ton of large-volume discount places to print from, and as someone who loves to design things I always thought that was great for my customers: they would have the time of their lives designing their wedding album, right? Even though it took me almost a year to do my own wedding album, I figured that was because I was picky. I’ve now learned that that’s pretty much the norm (or even better than most). Designing an album can be daunting, and it’s definitely time consuming. Then there’s choosing a place to order from when you may not have seen the product. You’re taking a gamble, and when all’s said and done it’s still not exactly cheap!

If I’m being honest, though, the biggest reason I didn’t offer albums was the commitment it would require. Because there are so many DIY options out there, I knew that if I was going to offer wedding album design and products, it would be a high-quality product that looked and felt official. Like, feel this: we’re married! Maybe that only makes sense to a photographer ;)

Anyways, I finally carved out some time to source albums, looking for something that would appeal to my clients but not cost them thousands of dollars. And I’m really happy with these albums. They are solid. They have thick pages and the colours are calibrated to my screen so your images look exactly the way they’re supposed to. The albums comes in linen, leather, and distressed leather covers. The binding is sew tight and the corners are wrapped beautifully. And these albums lay flat so you can get full page spread. **drool**

I designed two samples, and one of them was using some images from Elisha and Jonathan’s rustic winter wedding at Temples Sugar Bush in Lanark. Since they wanted an outdoorsy themed wedding, I chose a distressed leather in “Timber” and embossed the cover with their names and wedding date. This is a 15 page 8×10 albums. I took some photos, and also did a short video. This is my first video ever, so try not to judge too harshly. And if anyone knows how I can keep the quality while uploading please let me know! It just doesn’t do it justice.


Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-Leather-Albums_0020Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-Leather-Albums_0013Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-Leather-Albums_0004Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-Leather-Albums_0021Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-Leather-Albums_0005Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-Leather-Albums_0006Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-Leather-Albums_0007Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-Leather-Albums_0008Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-Leather-Albums_0009Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-Leather-Albums_0020Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-Leathe-Albums_0010Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-Leather-Albums_0022Ottawa-Wedding-Photographer-Leather-Albums_0011You really need to see these albums in person and hold them in your hands to feel how beautiful they are. The distressed leather is creamy and gorgeous and I kind of want to just pet it ;) The video is below. Music is from Bensound. If you’ve already had your wedding but are interested in an album, let me know! I would love to meet up, show you the samples, and find out what you want. I know without our wedding album on the coffee table, Rob and I sure wouldn’t be looking through our digitals every couple months!


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